Pyromould fireworks batteries of RedWire fireworks, stands for better quality and are made of fire resistant material. Available at Xena Vuurwerk - Holland

Pyromould is a revolutionary, patented way of making fireworks and is better in many ways. These moulds have many safety advantages, are eco friendly, can be produced faster and have the perfect performance for use in fireworks displays and shows.

Nearly all festivalcakes of RedWire fireworks are made of these fire resistant moulds and are therefore very suitable for events with crowd nearby.


Pyromould® has many safety advantages:

  • Stable shapes, will not tip
  • Made of fire resistant material (no more burning cakes!)
  • No perforating
  • Moisture absorption < 4,5%
  • Negligible chance of tube explosion
  • Negligible chance of low-height explosion

Because of these safer qualities the Pyromould® are top notch for use at festivals and outdoor events with stages and crowd nearby.

Eco friendly

Pyromould consists out of plant fiber, starch and calcite. These components can be recycled for the full 100%. This sustainable production is more eco friendly than traditional cakes with tubes.

Faster production

Because Pyromould® is produced mechanically, demand of labor and the intensity of labor is reduced. Also the production is not affected by weather conditions.

Quality and performance

With Pyromould® also the quality will be improved. These moulds provides various advantages:

  • Consistent shooting height and direction of the effects
  • Accurate tempo of the effects (easier to program!)
  • Complete function
  • Strong body
  • < 0,5mm deviation for inner diameter and height of tube
  • Consistent quality of whole production batch